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Captain BarbellViel Villan - is the wealthy patriarch of the Villan family and head of Villan Corp. An obsessive man with a tendency to control and manipulate people, including his own sons. Viel soon becomes fascinated by the remarkable abilities of Captain Barbell. He is telegraphed to become the main villain of this series. Viel is played by Richard Gomez.
Captain BarbellJC De Vera as Boris, Son of Viel with a superhuman power because of askobar
Captain BarbellPhoenix or Clarisse, is a mysterious woman found in a lake by Bobby and Kit. The two named her "Blanca" because she has virtually no recall of her life prior to being found. She eventually began to claim that she was Clarice, the daughter that Sandra Magtanggol lost many years ago, a claim that Sandra is readily willing to accept, but one that Bobby and Kit view with suspicion. She eventually develops a budding romance with Levi Villan. Clarisse is played by Sunshine Dizon.
Captain BarbellPutakti - was Leah's former boyfriend, Jared Ledesma, and an equal opportunity bully. He considers Teng a lowly nobody and Levi a coward. On a field trip, Jared was bitten by a mutant wasp and eventually mutated into a monstrous man-wasp himself. He slowly reverted back to his human form when Captain Barbell defeated him in combat. Not long after Levi Villan beat him up to near-death. He was later converted into a cyborg code-named 5564. Jared is played by Jeremy Marquez.
tetanoTetano - a former military hitman named Tenorio, Tetano was hired by Jared Ledesma's father to kill Levi Villan. Tetano has the power to corrode objects and living things merely by touching them. He is played by Gary Estrada.

Captain BarbellAdobe - a construction worker named Mang Ador, Adobe used to work for the Villan corporation. He gained the strength and durability of solid rock and eventually mutated further to become a shambling rock-like creature similar to The Thing. He is played by Carlos Morales.

Captain BarbellAerobika - was once an overweight schoolteacher named Patti, who is driven to try all sorts of weight-loss remedies (most notably herbal teas) in an attempt to forestall her rapidly descending self-esteem. On an impulse, she uses some Askobar-contaminated herbs from her backyard for a new brew of tea which slims her down into a buxom beauty obsessed with making everyone conform to her newfound standards of beauty. She is the first legitimate supervillain since Gagamba(thugs, base of operations, and a quality of a mastermind). Aerobica is played by Ruffa Mae Quinto.

Captain BarbellVaporo - Marvin, who has been named “Vaporo” by the police for his exemplary stealing strategy (nobody notices him because he turns into vapor). Marvin got his powers from a contaminated shooting star that fell into the river that he was in. Vaporo's indentity is soon realed to Teng.Vaporo is played by Jay Aquitania.

Captain BarbellCyborg 5566 - Cyborg 5566 is created by Viel Villian. He was sent to hunt down Jared(aka 5564) after the latter escaped from the laboratory. Like the other cyborgs, he is also powered by Askobar. Cyborg 5566 will be played by Jason Hsu.

Captain BarbellIan Veneracion as Commander X
Commander X is a cyborg out to destroy Captain B