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May 29-June 2, 2006: IN THE BEGINNING
In a distant galaxy, a time vessel hurtles through space. The vessel lands on Earth in the year 1992. Inside are the wife and son of the hero, Captain B. Sending them away seems to be the only way to protect them from the clutches of the evil General. Lolo Aloy and Lola Melay find the time vessel with the child Arell still inside. They decide to hold on to the child, naming him Teng. As time goes on, Teng grows in strength. Only Lolo Aloy is aware of how super human his new charge is. Teng uses his strength to come to the aid of Lea, who becomes his good friend. Conversely, Clarisse grows further apart from Teng, blaming him for stealing Lolo’s affections from her. Worst of all, Lea gives Teng the bad news that she must leave for the United States. Still, despite the setbacks, Teng grows into a happy young boy. He has his best friends Kith and Bobby. He has the love and tutelage of Lola Lelay and Lolo Aloy. Little does he know that his life is fraught with danger and that behind every shadow lurks a possible enemy. But a discovery in a junkyard changes Teng’s life forever.

June 5-9, 2006: A NEW SUPERHERO
Captain Barbell discovers that he has more powers than just superhuman strength! He uses them to the best of his abilities in his first public appearance – to rescue Cesar, Sandra and Melay from the falling bridge! Everyone wonders who this hero could be. How long can Teng protect his true identity from the rest of the world? And will he be ready to tackle the responsibilities of being a super hero?

June 12-16, 2006: PUTAKTI
Captain Barbell runs to Leah’s rescue, only to be attacked by Jared, who has transformed into a monstrous wasp. But he fails to rescue Leah after the wasp’s venom gets into his eye, disabling him to transform again into his superhuman form. When Kit tells her father that Jared might really be the wasp, Joe goes to Jared’s house to investigate, where he will ultimately discover the truth. The highlight of the week comes in when Captain Barbell and the wasp battle it out, and Jared switches back to his human form after Captain Barbell throws him into a river. When Levi sees helpless Jared, however, he beats him to a pulp.

June 19-23, 2006: TETANO AND ADOBE
Levi is released from prison with the help of his father. Viel investigates who is trying to kill his son. Kit and Bobby bring their mysterious new friend (“Blanca”) to the hospital, only to find out that she is completely well except for her memory loss. Blanca eventually gets to know Sandra and Cesar. Barbara comes to the rescue during Captain Barbell’s final battle with Tetano. She brings Teng to her home, where Teng witnesses Borris’s extraordinary strength. He begins to wonder if there are others like him. When Teng retrieves the barbell he used to defeat Tetano, he discovers that it has been drained of its powers. Meanwhile, a new villain, “Adobe,” emerges from the depths of Viel’s technopark. It ruins Teng’s chances of finding out what really happened to his Lolo Aloy.

June 26-30, 2006: UNMASKING OF THE HERO
Bobby realizes that Teng is Captain Barbell! But Teng can rest easy because Bobby decides to keep his new discovery a secret. Meanwhile Viel asks Barbara if she has regained her memory. Barbara lies to Viel saying she still doesn’t remember anything. She can not remember everything exactly but she is sure that she must be someone else. She vows to find out who she really is, as well as who the person in her dreams was. The evil apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Levi attempts to strong-arm Teng into selling the land. His failure only fuels his father’s anger. Boris tries to get on Viel’s good side by stealing the land title from Teng. Except that Teng catches him in the act. This leads to Teng meeting Barbara. As the two bond, the young hero begins to feel more and more at home with this woman. And then Viel falls sick. Dexter tells Viel that Boris’ blood is no longer enough to bring him back to normal.

July 3-7, 2006: VIEL'S SECRET
Viel’s condition worsens and not even a blood transfusion from Boris can help. He continues to keep this a secret from Barbara and Levi. When Levi sees him helpless in Boris’ arms, Viel has no ready explanation. This forces both Barbara and Levi to go on separate fact-finding missions. They begin sharing information. But Barbara finds out much more than she was looking for. Meanwhile, Kit interviews Bubog, who is back as Narciso. He discovers through Kit that it is because of Captain Barbell that he is now Bubog. He vows

July 10-14, 2006: AEROBIKA'S REVENGE
Everyone’s head over heels for the hot new PE teacher in school, Ms. Eros. Little do they know that Ms. Eros was once the obese Patti who was teased as “Aero Biik.” Her transformation is due to the slimming tea she discovered from a plant contaminated with barbanium. She started the slimming hype in school to help out people like her who have been consistently teased about being overweight. She also uses her new power as a way of seeking revenge on people who have been mean to her in the past. Even Bobby joins the bandwagon. Ms. Eros becomes Aerobika, the super being who is obsessed with making everyone sexy – and addicted to her slimming tea! Meanwhile, Viel becomes even more powerful with Dexter’s new discovery, the crystal acid. Being the scheming villain that he is, Viel uses this for his evil plans. Levi and Clarisse’s friendship grows more each day.

Levi and Teng’s friendship gets back on track when Levi saves Teng from drowning in the river contaminated with crystal acid. Aerobika is already running out of leaves for her slimming tea, but she still threatens the police that she will do something disastrous unless they give her a chance to date Captain Barbell! Captain Barbell obliges, but the only problem is his date with Aerobika coincides with Teng’s date with Leah! Meanwhile, Viel discovers more uses for his crystal acid, which are all potential threats to the community.

With the help of Viel’s breakthrough experiments, Mayor Lazaro is able to resurrect his wife Myra. Although Leah and Lazaro are overjoyed to have Myra back, Agnes is suspicious of Myra’s return, especially since she seems like a different person this time around. A new villain is Marvin, who has been named “Vaporo” by the police for his exemplary stealing strategy (nobody notices him because he turns into vapor), is on the loose. Marvin got his powers from a contaminated shooting star that fell into the river that he was in. Marvin has a crush on Kit but Kit tell him she doesn't have any feelings for him but for Teng and this forces Marvin/Vaporo to bring Kit to the Lighthouse. Two people will finally have the guts to confess their feelings to their special someone. Will it be Teng, Kit, Levi, or Leah?

July 31 to August 4, 2006: JARED RETURNS
Kit tries to ignore Teng after confessing her feelings for him, while Levi fights for Clarisse despite his father’s disapproval. Jared makes a comeback this week, and he is able to make Leah believe that he is innocent. Leah suddenly becomes secretive after promising Jared that she will help him out. Captain Barbell will be battling with Jared once more, so don’t miss their upcoming face off!