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castCaptain Barbell/Arell/Potanciano Magtanggol aka Teng - is the infant son of Captain B, who was catapulted from the 22nd century to the present time and was found by an elderly couple who adopted him as their grandson. Even from youth, Teng exhibited remarkable physical prowess but it was not until he found a mystical talisman/collapsible barbell that he obtained the ability to transform into Captain Barbell. This said talisman has properties beyond transforming Teng, it feeds his strength when not in Barbell form and is also indirectly responsible for some of the superhuman menaces he comes to fight. Teng is played by Richard Gutierrez.
castPaolo Bediones plays Captain B.Captain Barbell's father. Rebelled against the General after finding that the General is planning for evil.
castBarbara/Mrs. B - is currently the wife of Viel Villan, and stepmother to his sons. She had little memory of her life before she became a part of the Villan family. She recently started reacquiring her memories, which revealed to her that she was once Mrs. B. and the birth mother of Teng/Arnell but was separated from him upon re-entry into the 20th century. She was surgically altered by Viel Villan and it is implied that he is also responsible for maintaining her memory gaps. Mrs. B was played by Snooky Serna. She eventually finds out that Captain Barbell is Teng and her memory comes back and learns that Teng is her son she's been looking for. Mrs. B was played by Snooky Serna. Barbara is played by Angel Aquino.
castLeah - is the daughter of the mayor of Marravelos, and the campus princess. Her father is a belligerent drunkard and is often the subject of his verbal abuse. She used to date Jared until he was transformed into a monstrous wasp-creature. She is also the object of Teng's unrequited affections, and as such, has been saved by Captain Barbell more than once. Leah is played by Rhian Denise Ramos.
csatKit - is one of Teng's best friends. Kit is a bossy, smart-mouthed girl who is frequently pegged as a tomboy. Although she'd like to deny it, Kit has romantic feelings for Teng, a fact that she has confessed to Bobby. Kit is played by Camille Prats.
castBobby - is one of Teng's best friends. Bobby is a frequent joker who seldom takes anything seriously, and is frequently teased for his weight. The fact that he really likes to eat does little to stave off those remarks. Bobby is aware of Teng's superheroic alter ego, and is his confidant. Bobby is played by Ryan Yllana.
castCesar and Sandra Magtanggol - are Teng's adoptive parents. Teng's place in the family was a decision made by Cesar's father, Lolo Aloy, and as such their feelings toward him are rather conflicted. Sandra refuses to accept Teng, let alone as a replacement child for Clarice, the daughter she lost many years ago. Cesar is generally sympathetic, but avoids making such a sentiment too obvious to Sandra. Cesar and Sandra are played by Ricky Davao and Jackielou Blanco.
castLevi Villan - is the younger son of Viel Villan. A spoiled rich kid, Levi is regarded by his father as a weakling in desperate need of lethal 'character formation' in order to deserve the Villan legacy. Now he is desperate for his father's approval. Teng rescued Levi from a car accident, and it is from this incident that they have built an awkward friendship. Levi is played by Patrick Garcia
castRex Cortez as Kit's father and a Police Officer in the town of Marriverez
castDante Rivero as Lolo Aloy & Gloria Sevilla as Lola Melay, they adopted young Arell and named him Teng.
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