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Captain Barbell first appeared in the series finale of Darna. He wore the usual hero's costume with the big CB logo on the chest. However, the face of the actor was not shown since GMA 7 has not decided yet who will take the role, and they intentionally do it to drum beat the promotions for the upcoming series.


Dingdong Dantes and Cogie Domingo along with Richard Gutierrez were considered for the role of Captain Barbell.


Contrary to initial assumption of critics, Captain Barbell is not an alien. He is Filipino earthling from Philippine's distant future when the country became the center of the world's scientific research. This fact differentiates him from Superman who is an alien and reaches the Earth via a space pod. Captain Barbell's pod is a time machine.


The series is the first one that employs the same actor for the role of Teng and Captain Barbell.


articleCaptain Barbell's suit was made by Miles Teves, a renowned costume maker in Hollywood. Teves is credited for the Batman, Spiderman and Superman costumes. Captain Barbell's updated suit is a far cry from the "Superman" look in a mix of yellow, blue and red. The present costume is more inspired by the Batman's costume, minus the mask and in shades of gold for the suit, and red for the cape.


Snooky Serna plays the mother of Teng in the movie version of Bong Revilla's Captain Barbell. Although her performance was not criticize, her participation was since she looks too young to be the mother of Ogie Alcasid (Teng).


In the TV Series, Snooky Serna was replaced by Angel Aquino since the former had caused delays in the taping and subsequently increasing the cost of production. Usually, writers eliminate a cast by "killing" the character, or sending them to "vacation," with an open option for the character's re-appearance later on the series. Serna's character was significant to the storyline and eliminating her would drastically changed it, so the writers revise part of the script, having Viel surgically change Barbara's face.


ruffaRuffa Mae Quinto was a villain in the movie version of Bong Revilla's Captain Barbell. She plays Freezy, a character derived from Batman's villains, Dr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. In the TV series, she is also a villain - Aerobika, an entirely different character.

Captain Barbell's theme song 'Nandito Lang Ako' is performed by Shamrock. The series love song 'Sana' is also performed by Shamrock.
20 Minutes with a Superhero

artFrom Mulawin to Sugo to Captain Barbell (with movies in between), Richard Gutierrez has epitomized the meaning of “in demand.” But despite his busy shoot schedule in Nasugbu, Batangas, Richard was more than willing to chat in between takes to tell us more about playing the quintessential Pinoy superhero.

“This is the dream role, yes, I can say that, I can say na this, so far, is my biggest role, my biggest responsibility. People have been supporting Captain Barbell for a lot of years now. Filipinos have admired him, and the greatest responsibility in my case is [to continue that].” When he’s not defeating villains 50 feet above the ground, Richard portrays Teng, Captain Barbell’s alter-ego. But despite the stark contrast between Teng’s scrawny, boyish appearance and Captain Barbell’s superhero physique, Richard says that the two have a lot of similarities. “’Yung characters ko, ‘pag Teng ako, siya yung mahiyain, extremes yung personalities nila, pero the way na pagmamahal nila sa kapwa, pareho. Pareho yung intentions nila, matulungin sila. So may differences sila, pero may similarities din.”
For someone too young to have seen the previous comics and movies of Captain Barbell, Richard says that he did his own research to get to know the character more. “It’s a new take naman on Captain Barbell, e. It’s a more modern Captain Barbell, and we want to move on, we want to re-introduce him from the costume, to the setting. The whole story.”

artFor those who do not know yet, Captain Barbell’s costume is a creation of world-renowned designer Miles Teves, the genius behind the costumes of Batman (Forever), Robocop, and Spiderman. “Actually noong unang sinuot ko siya [sa SOP launch], parang hindi pa siya nagsi-sink in na wow, this is it, kasi ang bilis, parang kailangan na ako i-launch as Captain Barbell. ‘Pag dating ko ng backstage, dun lang nagsink-in sa akin na wow, suot suot ko na yung costume ni Captain Barbell na ginawa ni Miles Teves! It was a great feeling!”Richard is also all praises for his new co-star, Rhian Ramos, who plays his love interest. “Si Rhian, kahit masasabi mo na newcomer iyan, madali siyang nakakapag-adjust. And, she gave more than what was expected from her.” When it comes to their undeniable on-screen chemistry, Richard explains, “Behind the scenes kasi we’re very comfortable with each other, we’re actually good friends. And I think the workshops (we took) helped a lot. If it seems so effortless for Richard to have great onscreen chemistry with his past and present love teams, what does it take to make him fall for a girl in real life? Richard suddenly smiled shyly as he explained, “Um, someone who’s understanding, sweet and thoughtful. Kasi, in my kind of work, you want someone who you know, really understands you, and who could support you all the way and at the same time, you know, do little sweet nothings for you, and make lambing.” He adds, “Ayoko din yung babaeng maarte. Gusto ko, yung simple lang, outgoing, and kayang makisama kahit kanino, sa mga kaibigan ko, sa family ko.” And who is Captain Barbell’s favorite superhero? Richard says that it’s Superman, “Kasi, siya lang yung superhero na hindi nagtatago. ‘Pag gising niya sa umaga, siya na si Superman, hindi na kailangan ng mask. Oo, may glasses siya, pero alam mo ‘yun, hindi niya tinatakpan yung mukha niya. And lahat ng powers na kay Superman, di ba? He can fly, he can see through things, he has laser through his eyes, everything!” Richard may idolize Superman, but when he’s in his full Captain Barbell glory, he’s just as good as any crime-fighting, evil-busting superhero out there. “Expect a lot more. Actually, we’re not even halfway through the story, marami pang mangyayari…we’re still going back to the future…futuristic sets, and futuristic scenes.
I think that’s really pretty interesting in terms of the special effects, and marami pa akong villains na makakalaban, and siyempre, yung mga romantic scenes with Leah and Kit, mas-gaganda pa. Mas-gaganda pa yung story, mas-gaaganda pa yung special effects at yung fight scenes. Dapat talagang abangan!”

meet rhian ramos

artMost people knew her as the “McJelly Trio Girl” last year, before she made that big leap from McDonald’s poster girl to Captain Barbell’s arms. But this 16-year old half-British is far from ambiguity right now. As one of the newest stars on GMA’s primetime slot, she proves that there’s more to her than just a pretty face. She’s not just the “McJelly Trio Girl” anymore. Now people know her name. It’s time we took a closer look at Rhian Denise Ramos Howell. “It was my very first commercial, and it was a lead part pa kasi kaagad in the commercial, so napansin (nila) kaagad ako” said Rhian referring to the GMA Artist Center executives who were looking for two girls to play Leah and Kit for Captain Barbell. “So, yun, they asked Artist Center to find me, tinawagan nila ako, they were saying na we’re holding auditions for the part of Leah and Kit for Captain Barbell. So I auditioned for both. Actually, every girl there auditioned for both. It just turned out na mas-bagay si Camille maging Kit, tapos ako, mas bagay maging Leah. So yun, I got the part!”

Although Rhian felt the stark difference between modeling and acting, saying that “In commercials, if you do something wrong, you can do it like, 50 times more,” the acting workshop she attended for Captain Barbell helped a lot, although it was only for two days.

Rhian shares that the hard part about being in the workshop was “they taught me how to get in touch with my emotions, kasi, di ba, usually, to be able to live life, you sometimes block off the negative emotions so that you’re fine. Pero when you’re acting, you have to accept it all. You have to remove all the blocks that you put on those. So that was hard, to get in touch with all the negative emotions, like, you know, sadness and anger.”

“Actually hindi ko masyadong napapansin yung difference,” says Rhian of her celebrity status. “Parang sa tingin ko, this is my new school. Parang all the tapings, I just treat it like it’s my new school. Parang nagpalit lang ako. And people don’t reallytd treat me differently, especially my friends, they’re still makulit, they still treat me the same.” Rhian, who is on her junior year at La Salle Zobelle, will start home schooling this year.

In Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell, Rhian plays Leah, Teng’s childhood friend and love interest. “(Teng and I) grew up together, I mean, we were best friends when we were little kids. For some reason, I moved to Canada with my tita, then I studied there, but I came back for fourth year high school. And then when I came back, pareho yung school namin ni Teng, tapos doon na lang kami nagkita ulit. ‘Yun, we got close again, then we became good friends again.”

While Leah may be meek and soft spoken, Rhian is bubbly and full of life. She describes herself as “hyper,” and “makulit,” and says that she wants to try action roles in the future. “I wanna be a superhero too! So if ever they have left over superheroes to be played, I’m right here!” she says.

thIt cannot be denied that Richard and Rhian have great chemistry onscreen, which Rhian attributes to their being friends when the camera isn’t rolling. “Because off-screen we’re good friends as well, I guess that helps also, the chemistry onscreen. And we hang out, and you know, and ever since the workshop pa lang, he’s been really friendly, and he’s been helping me out with the acting and everything.”

We all know who Leah’s type is onscreen, but what’s the kind of guy that Rhian may fall for in real life? “My ideal guy is tall dark and handsome!” she says with a big grin. And what’s her number one requirement? “Before anything can happen between me and a guy, I have to make sure that he’s my best friend, parang we have to have that relationship first. So he has to be playful, funny, you know?”

Just because Rhian is a newcomer doesn’t mean she’s not prepared for the risks of showbiz. She knows there will be controversies to come, and she’s realistic enough to face its challenges. “You always have to bring something new to the table. I mean, if you always play it safe, then what’s gonna be new about you, what’s interesting?” Rhian says she’s prepared to be controversial, as long as it’s nothing too negative. “Just to show who I am, what I’m about,” she adds.

So what else is there to watch out for in Captain B? She mysteriously says “Oh, a lot of things” before going on with “Well, there are new faces! And the special effects are new, and they’re more realistic now, because they’re more advanced. They have really good actors and actresses Camille, and Richard, and Ryan, and also, the script is really, really awesome. Actually, everything about it is really great. We all work together to make it as best as we can.”

Catch TV’s new “It Girl” Rhian Ramos as she plays Leah to Richard’s Teng, on Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell after 24 Oras!

captain barbell potential future

Unconfirmed rumors are that the franchise will culminate in a feature-length production, to be produced by GMA and Regal Films. Previously, another telefantasya, Mulawin, was adapted into a feature-length film in 2005 and lends some credibility and precedence to these rumors.

The most recent Captain Barbell feature film was released in 2003 by Viva Films, featuring Bong Revilla in the title role, Ogie Alcasid as Tengteng. Regine Velasquez made a cameo as Darna. The film was directed by Mac Alejandre. Coincidentally, Ruffa Mae Quinto also had a role in this film as a supervillain named Freezy, an icy temptress with cold-based powers